Teaching one student at a time.



"Miss Jennifer is an amazing teacher. She has been giving trumpet lessons to my son. She is patient and willing to take the time to help him with his music from school. Her teaching method is great. She knows how to work with kids/youth. I recommend Miss Jennifer."

- Monica P.

"Jennifer did a wonderful job!"

- Paul H., Chelsea F., and Miller H.


"Jennifer is an excellent instructor. She came to our home and worked with my middle school son on trumpet. My son was struggling with his technique and was frustrated with the school band program. Jennifer's teaching style is one of positive encouragement and incredible patience. She took the extra time to find music of interest to my son to enhance and make the lessons fun, especially due to his frustration with some of the more boring pieces of music assigned through the school. I highly recommend Jennifer!"

-Jonathan K.

"Ms Jennifer es una persona muy paciente con sus alumnos, mi hija esta aprendiendo mucho con ella."

- Rosalinda

"Jennifer was really good. Very patient and takes a lot of initiative outside class to make sure she addresses all aspects. She comes very well prepared for every class. She was always on time."

Partha A.

"Excellent and Patient teacher!"

- Noah

"Jennifer is a very talented musician, and really connects with my daughter during their lessons. She brings in examples of the music she is teaching, and clearly explains the terminology and techniques. My daughter really enjoys learning from her, and I appreciate her methods and patience. Jennifer teaches at the pace of the student, encouraging her all along the way."

 Betty W.

 "I like how she takes the time to really get them to recognize what's going on & the right keys to use."


"Class went very well. Ms. Jennifer helped our daughter to remember all the short melodies she learned earlier."


"Great piano instructor!"

Lexi A.

"Great teacher, I recommend her for young children she is very nice and polite. Willing to drive to your home."

Shonda W.

I was very pleased with Jennifer teaching she made me and my grandson feel comfortable with her way of explaining and teaching the music I would highly recommend Jennifer for private lessons with the trumpet and Thanks, Jennifer!"

Artorius S.

"She showed up on time and got right to setting up, and seemed to be patient and have a good rapport with my son. I found out he knew even more than I thought about playing, like terms and play styles. He enjoyed the lesson, and is now practicing and trying to write his own music. He's really looking forward to next week which is very encouraging. So far I'm very happy I decided to sign him up for lessons."


"My name is Monica, I have a 4-year-old. Jennifer has been giving private piano lessons at my home. She is a wonderful teacher. She knows how to really work with kids. My daughter knows where to put her hands and the name of the keys."

Monica T.