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J.Watts Artist Biography

With a very pleasing harmonious, structure melody trumpet player with harmonized vision. Deliver a big musical tone.

Houston the “Space City” is a large metropolis in Texas, extending to Galveston Bay. Houston is the most diverse city in Texas with Museum District, Theater District, Music and much more. Houston is very diverse in its music, rich musical. Music from Tejano, Mariachi, County, Rock to Opera Music, Jazz and much more; from playing at the House of Blues, Miller Outdoor, Hobby Center, Houston Grand Opera, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion and much more. Growing up Jennifer absorbed these regional styles and drew inspiration from a wide spectrum of additional genres from Tejano to Mariachi; 80s to oldies; Musical to Jazz. These influences would be distilled into her playing.
Since the age of eight, Jennifer has danced on stage with Tejano band “La Sombra”; sat in with the sound engineer guy “La Mafia”; sat with many “KQQK Tejano” radio DJ’s, always backstage.

The vision of becoming a music educator would be her destiny, Jennifer enrolled in college. She also started a music business called “Making Music,” is a freelance music teacher giving Trumpet, Piano, French horn lessons and Music Theory. She then started a brass band called “Greater Houston Brass Choir,” who got to play for the vice president of united states of America. Published a trumpet book called “Trumpet 101;” a practice book “The Music Diary.”

Emerging trumpet player, she didn’t wait to be found. In Texas, she learns to network herself. She started playing in different churches and from there join different bands/Orchestras “Pearland Community Band, Houston Pride Band, Houston Civic Symphony, The Billie Ledbetter Jazz Orchestra, and Kingz1.”

Now as Jennifer is networking her way around the Tejano music industry,  not only does she play trumpet but She is a part of the new Tejano radio station "Tejano Y Mas 101.7fm and 1540am."  she also has a few YouTube/Facebook views and plans to keep the trumpet music going.


Influences; La Sombra de Tony Guerrero who was a good friend of the family, her cousin Pete the lead singer for La Fiebre and her cousin George the Sound Manager for La Mafia, Shelly Lares, Juan Gabriel, Ana Gabriel, Gloria Estefan, Kiku Colins, and Alison Balsom. She got to meet a lot of Tejano artist as a kid, always backstage and watch her cousin’s singing or doing sounds. She saw how much fun it look and wanted to be just like them.

She started learning piano at the age of eight then from there learn trumpet, guitar, organ, handbells from church, singing alto from the church choir, french horn helping out at band camp for kids, percussion and much more.

“I want to show that girls can do music also, that not only guys can play trumpet,” said Jennifer. I have goals, to open my own music studio where I give music lessons of all kinds to anyone who wants to learn rather you are 4 years old to 99 to bring Tejano music back and much more. I hope I can teach, touch and tell stories thru my music rather it’s in Spanish or English; rather it’s with words or just music notes. I hope my music can motivate someone to give 100 percent to believe.
I was featured in an article called " OutSmart Magazine." Here is the article if you would like to read it.


Jennifer Watts has shared the stage with many artists. Just a few people she has played for or share the stage with. 

Crystal Torres: Tejano Artist "Tejano Music Award Winner."

Alex Ramirez: La Sombra, Kumbia Kings, and Kingz1

Roy aka Slim Ramirez: La Sombra, Kumbia Kings, and Kingz1

Nino B Lopez: Kumbia Kings and Kingz1

Jason DJ Kane: Kumbia Kings and DJ Kane band

Tony Gonzalez: Kingz1

Angel Castillo: Kumbia All Starz and Kingz1

Tony Guerrero: La Sombra de Tony Guerrero

Pete Espinoza: Former lead singer of La Fiebre and Solo Artist as Pete Espinoza

Houston Civic Symphony

Houston Pride Band

Houston Astros: Played the National Anthem "SSB" with the Houston Pride Band for the Astros. 

Greater Houston Brass Choir: My brass band. We got to play for Congressman Ted Poe and for the Vice President of the United States of American Pence. Video of GHBC and Pence.

"6-Pianos in Surround Sounds," by Nathan Felix " Nathan Felix was nominated for a award for a few of his piano pieces."



Trumpet Book: "Trumpet 101"

Practice Book: "The Music Diary"