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Pratice for kids

1st: Check what Clefs you are in. Rather in Treble Clef, Bass Clef or both.
2nd: What Time Signature you are in, 4/4, 3/4 or 2/4?
3rd: What Key Signature you are in, "C Major, G Major or F major."
4th: Count your rhythm/Clap the rhythm.
5th: Do Right Hand "RH" first then Left Hand "LH" and then Both Hands "BH" with saying the name of the notes out loud
6th: Which is second to last add your tempo "Cheerfully"
7th:Now to go along with number 6. Once you have done 1 - 6 very will. Once you know you are good at everything (1-6) Now you may add the Metronome last.
Start off slow then work your way up to the correct tempo your music is asking for.
** Notes:
When you are practicing these (1-7) steps can help you with your everyday practice. When you are practicing on your own I recommend you cut the music in half. Only do just a few Measures at a time, once you have done all the measures then go back to the hardest part of the song/piece an do it over and over as many time as you need to help you understand it. As example: If Measure 4 and 5 are the hardest part of the music then start there when practicing, go over it like 3 times or until you understand it. If you still don't understand it then stop take a break and do something else, then go back to measure 4 and 5. Keep trying to work on those two measures over and over until you get it. Once you have finally understood everything that you need to know about your music you may start at the beginning of the song/piece, by now you can pull out that Metronome and start off at a slow Tempo then work your way up to the correct tempo your music is asking for. Oh don't forget always have a GOOD PENCIL!

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