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Do I have to pratice? Ahh Miss really? How long did you say I should PRACITCE?

I get a lot of students that ask me that question all the time. "How long did you say I should PRATICE? Do I have to practice? What, practice everyday? Ah why Miss?

How do you practice? Some people say to practice for 1 to 3 hrs, others say to practice for 30 to 45 mins. I would say for students age 4-6 you must practice for 15 minutes everyday. Now for students who are the age of 7-13 should practice for 30 minutes. Now if you have a student who is 14-older then 1 hour of practice would be great. As you become a college student or adult you may practice as many minutes or hours you like or what makes you feel good. Now you say how should one practice? We all practice differently and some just need 45 or 1 hours some like to practice for hours. For me I love to practice a total of 3 hours through out the day. I have a friend "Kiku Collins "who plays pro-trumpet, she told me "I don't have time to practice but when I do, I make it a very important practice." I work on what needs more work on then stuff I already know. You practice the way you think is right for yourself. Some people practice for hours others just for 30 to 45 mins. Not one person can have to many method books. You can always find a method book that works for you.

So how do you practice, what do you practice on? That is the question I get a lot from a lot of students. I work on lips slurs, Embouchure ...and things in between. This is for French horn/Trumpet. If for ex: if I had a song I am working on, I find the part of the song that is hard and turn it into a workout for me on my trumpet or I find method books that well help me understand my music.

Other key points to look at is if you are in some type of Jazz band or some other type of band. You are at practice or if you teach music lessons you are still in the practice stage. Like I still my students "Practices and you can go far."

What do you think would make you a better trumpet player? Just because you practice for hours you think it well make you a better trumpet player. No its the fact that you must have a good 1 hour practice to be a better trumpet player. Work on things that need more working on. Like I work on my lip slurs. What do you work on? To become a better trumpet, how I see it is you must first know you well not always get it right the first time ect.. unless you are a great at reading music for the first time. Shot I would said people that can do that are the ones who been playing trumpet for over 30 years. haha! Then once you know what parts on your trumpet, music you need to work on then spend more time working on that then later on the stuff you already know. I had a teacher once told me make your practice the best way that fits you. 

So if you would like to chat or need more advice just send me a message. I well get back to you in one business day!

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