Teaching one student at a time.

Tejano Music Awards San Antonio 2020 with Magali Delarosa

Tejano Music Awards 2020 with Tejano Artist Magali Delarosa.

About Us

Born in Houston, Texas Jennifer Watts started to play piano approximately 30 years ago.
The trumpet for approximately 25 years. Along the way, she picks up the guitar, ukulele, handbells, Latin percussion, organ, and French horn. As musician she has been self-taught all of these instruments for over 12 years. Her primary instrument is the trumpet. She has been teaching high brass "trumpet & french horn," and "piano," for over 10 years. She started learning music off and on at the age of 10.

"I love learning and teaching music to others."

- J.Watts, Owner of Making Music

Ms. Watts career has allowed her to perform on multiple platforms from center stage to alongside great musicians of our time. 

What she offers her students is the one-on-one learning of the techniques of classical music and more. 

Ms.Watts love for the arts is understanding the growth of talent within oneself.

Ms.Watts is sponsored and supported by the Tejano Music Center in Pasadena.

Sponsored by B.A.C Musical Instruments "Best American Craftsmen," as a Trumpet Artists. B.A.C